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Have you ever wondered... What WordPress theme is that awesome site using? If yes we bring you the perfect solution to find the WordPress Theme a site is using. 

Now with our Free WordPress Theme Detector, it is easy to find the Theme Template any website is using which is built on WordPress CMS.

What is WordPress Theme Detector Tool?

WP Theme Detector is a free online tool to find the WordPress Theme name and details. 

E.G. You are browsing the internet and you like a theme of a website and you want to know about the theme. Because it is common. It's happened to me personally all time. 

I always trying to find a beautiful responsive WordPress Theme

So while browsing the internet if I like a Theme I try to check the Name of the Theme with our WordPress Theme Detector Tool easily.

Expert Tips To Choose The Best WordPress Theme

It is important to choose the best WordPress Theme for blogs and websites to provide the best user experience to users. At this stage, I assume that you have found some best WordPress Themes using our Free WordPress Theme Detector Tool. 

But you still have to figure out which Theme is the Best according to your niche and need.

SEO Tools Free will help you to choose the Best WP Theme for your Blog/Website


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