14 Useful SEO Extensions for Google Chrome 2023 (With Tips)

14 Best & Free SEO Extensions for for Bloggers

14 Useful SEO Extensions for Google Chrome 2023 (With Tips)

In today's digital age, SEO is a necessary evil. You need it to rank on Google, which is your gateway to customer acquisition and potential sales.

As a result, there has been a huge increase in the number of SEO tools available as well as different Google Chrome SEO Extensions 2023 that make doing SEO more efficient and time-saving many of them free, some paid. I've used most of these tools and am sharing my experience with you.

Let's start by considering the type of Useful SEO Chrome Extensions that we're looking for:

  • Domain Analysis
  • Link Analysis
  • SEO Audit
  • On-Page Assistance
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Outreach Assistance
  • SEO Metrics

Domain Analysis

Here we're going to take a look at how well the page is doing, in all elements that might be important for ranking on Google:

  • The number of domains linking to it
  • The number of social shares across different networks - helps you pick where your target market hangs out and makes outreach much easier
  • Keyword Density/Relevance - even though Google doesn't use keyword density, it still can tell if a word is used too often here or there. This is especially important when writing titles and the content itself to ensure that you don't stuff keywords because that will hurt your rankings.
  • The speed we want our websites to load fast since we're living in an age where the average consumer is impatient.

Link Assistance

Here we want to know who is linking to us, how often they're doing it, and their root domains count. 

If a page has a lot of backlinks but from a small number of root domains, that probably means that they're going to be more powerful than a link from tens or hundreds of pages with fewer root domains.

SEO Audit

Are there any problems here? What does the search console say about this site? Is the site penalized for anything? These are things you want to check when analyzing existing websites, especially when considering whether or not you should buy them.

On-Page SEO Assistance

This is bread and butter - all those neat little On-Page SEO tips that help you improve your rankings. You can either use this to increase the number of keywords that you're targeting or focus on long-tailed ones (more specific) since they're easier to rank for.

Backlink Analysis

Here we want to know about the backlinks pointing in our direction - who are they coming from? How often do they link us? Do their root domains suggest high or low authority in Google? These will be crucial when trying to figure out whether a given page is likely to be worth buying in your niche.

Outreach Assistance

This is one of those tools that I've not used but still find very useful because it has saved me so much time when reaching out trying to get a link from someone. It basically does all the work for you by finding relevant websites, identifying contact information, and automatically sending outreach emails with pre-written content to your potential link providers.

SEO Metrics

This is one of those huge time-savers - all those things that we always check when doing our on-page SEO: page speed, keyword density/relevance, number of backlinks and their quality (root domains), and so on. Anything to make checking this faster is good in my book.

Ok, now that we know what we're looking for let's take a look at the Best Google Chrome Extensions for this year that I've personally used or heard good things about:

One of the biggest problems I had as an SEO professional was finding all the information I needed. All those different metrics, keywords, and other data - it was a pain to check everything manually whereas, with these Google Chrome SEO Extensions, you can check them all in one go, without having to leave the browser (it's Chrome-only).

21 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

Here is the list of 21 Best and Useful SEO Extensions for Google Chrome users who want to make their day-to-day SEO job easy and fast.

1- SEMrush Google Chrome SEO Extension

A powerful and easy-to-use extension with a detailed dashboard that displays the detailed performance of any domain. Also allows analyzing backlinks and ranking keywords in a few clicks.

2- AHREFS SEO Toolbar Google Chrome Extension

Use this extension if you really want to get some useful information washout leaving the page you are currently opening.
This extension can help you in:

  • On-Page SEO Report
  • Track Redirections
  • Check Broken Links & Fix them
  • Highlight No-Follow Link

3- SEO Quake Google Chrome Extension 

Another widely used Google Chrome Extension for SEO is SEO Quake. This extension is also created by SEMrush. It helps users to find metrics like:

  • Alexa Rank
  • Google Index
  • Bing Index
  • Internal & External Links
  • SERPs Rankings
  • Total Traffic

4- Google Page Speed Insights

Google itself is providing the Best SEO Extension to all website owners to check how the website is performing. 
According to Google's recent update Website Page Speed is now a major ranking factor, and to check your website Load Time Google Page Speed Insights is the best solution. 

Here is this website SEO Tools Free speed audit report for desktop.

With Google Page Speed Insight SEO Extension you can track some useful information that can hurt your overall SEO rankings if they are not fixed.

  1. FCP (First Contentful Paint)
  2. LCP (Large Contentful  Paint)
  3. TBT (Total Blocking Time)
  4. CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)

Check your website right now and compare the result.

  • 0-40 Poor (Red Color)
  • 50-89 Still needs improvement (Yellow Color)
  • 90-100 Good (Green Color)

5- Keyword Surfer Free SEO Google Chrome Extension

Keyword Research is the backbone of SEO success. This SEO Extension will show you all the keywords with monthly search volume under Google Search results. I am personally using this extension for a long time and it is always working great for me.

6- Check My Link Google Chrome SEO Extension

Internal linking is considered an important factor in SEO. Sometimes we see a lot of links on a web page and difficult to figure out manually which are Do-Follow and No-Follow. In such cases Check My Link came into play. 

This extension is very useful to find all links on a page with just one click. Also, this extension will highlight the broken links on a web page.

7- Grammarly

Another widely used and my favorite Google Chrome Extension by SEOs is Grammarly. This extension is helpful for all those people who are using the internet. From students to jobholders, bloggers to SEOs.

Because it will help to write grammar mistake-free articles, Emails, etc.

8- Similar Web

If you are a blogger or SEO you cannot ignore your competitors at all. 

Similar Web is a world well-known website but they have also a Chrome Extension which makes things more easy and quick. With just a single click you can check any website traffic stats.

9- Wappalyzer Extension

Sometimes while we are surfing the internet we loved someone's website design and the theme they are using.

You can check all the Themes and Plugins detail with Wappalyzer Chrome Extension easily. It is a free extension that you can install in your Chrome Browser.

10 - Ubbersuggest

Another useful Chrome Browser Extension for SEO is created by Neil Patel. It is a Freemium SEO Tool that is used by thousands of SEOs around the globe. 

I personally use this tool on a daily basis whenever I have to perform any of the below tasks.
This tool provides insights of:

  • Ranking Keywords
  • Keyword CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • Backlinks
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Domain Authority (DA)

11- MozBar

If you are a blogger or SEO you must know about Moz. And if you know Moz then you must know about MozBar SEO Extension for Chrome Browser.
This extension will display all these details on the result page.

  1. DA
  2. PA
  3. Backlinks
  4. Spam Score

12- SEO Minion

Analyze your On-Page SEO with SEO Minion Chrome Extension in 2023. It is a powerful tool to get the following details.

  • On-Page
  • Broken Links Checking
  • Redirects
  • SERPs

13- SEOInfo

If you want to check Meta Tags, Canonical URLs, Indexability, Open Graph Tags, Structured Data, hreflang, Page Speed and many more details of a web page free SEOInfo is the right Chrome Extension you can try.

14- SEOStack Keyword Tool 

Generate hundreds of Long Tail Keywords with a Seed Keyword with SEOStack Extension and export them in a CSV file for future use. This is one of the best Google Chrome extensions to perform Keyword Research in SEO.

Benefits of Using Chrome Extensions

We are using Google Chrome Extension to make things more easy and fast. It will also help to:
Benefits of Using Chrome Extensions

  1. Make work easy and fast
  2. Easily manage social media and other tasks
  3. Increase productivity
  4. Avoid distraction while working
  5. Automate things

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