How to Get Website Traffic From Quora? [2023 Guide]

Learn how to get free unlimited traffic from Quora on a new blog/website in 2023. A 100% testing and working strategy

How to Get Website Traffic From Quora? 

Getting Website Traffic from Quora in 2023 is important. The process is quite easy if you are following all the best practices. This is the perfect guide for all those bloggers who are struggling to have blog traffic. Because they are not getting traffic from Google and other major search engines which we called Organic traffic. I can understand that when someone starts a new blog then he/she needs to struggle a lot in starting to get some organic traffic.

But there are hundreds of different ways to get blog traffic if you are not getting visitors from organic searches. I know getting organic traffic is the best thing but you have to compromise in the beginning. 

An Introduction To Quora

Of Course, it is important for you to know what Quora actually is. I will tell you what Quora is and how it is possible to get huge traffic from Quora in 2023 How can someone start blogging on Quora in 2023? How can you write answers to Quora questions and build authority? How to monetize. your content with Quora in 2023?

Quora is a Q&A-based website where people can ask their questions and others can write the answer to those questions. It is considered one of the biggest platforms of its kind. Because Quora has more than a 190million active users monthly.
The question is-

Why Should Bloggers Use Quora to Generate Traffic in 2023?

  1. Free
  2. Traffic From the First Day
  3. Target Audience
  4. Share Images, Video
  5. Build Authority
  6. Content Ideas

#1- Free to Join

It is not easy to get everything free of cost these days. Especially when it comes to Website Traffic. But Quora is making it easy. You can join Quora free of cost, all you need is an Email account to Sign-Up for an account. 

Once you complete all the account creation processes you can start writing answers to others' questions and send people to your website.

#2- Traffic From The First Day

I personally love this part and have been using it for the last few years. I can get traffic on a brand new website from the first day. I have a well-built Quora account which you can check here. I try to help other bloggers by writing answers to their questions. Most of the time they are inviting me to write answers because I am continuously contributing.

I am building my profile authority by writing helpful content and answers on the platform. Once you build some authority then you can easily turn them into your regular reader. Which I am doing and you can do also.

#3- Target Audience

Getting the right audience for your blog is quite difficult when you are getting referral visitors. But on Quora, you can refer the right audience to your blog. 

#4- Share Images, Videos 

Not only blog links you can share videos and Images on Quora. Yes if you have a YouTube channel you can share the link and send traffic to your YouTube videos. In this way, you can increase video views and subscribers also.

#5- Build Authority

Yes, building authority is very difficult and important also. Quora is the right platform to use for authority building. I have more than 59.6k content views on my profile. Now I am getting more than 1k content views on a daily basis. 

#6- Content Ideas

Quora is a hidden gem to get content ideas. If you are stuck after writing some blog posts you can get tons of new content ideas here. Create a blog post around all famous questions asked on Quora and link to them to send traffic to your website from Quora.

How Do I Grow From Zero to 60k Quora Content View?

I have 59.6k content views on My profile on Quora. I use to write answers to Quora questions.

  1. Answer Written 196
  2. Asked Questions 2
  3. Total Post shared 22
  4. Followers 36

Benefits of Writing Quora Answers

  1. There are many advantages of writing answers to Quora questions.  Being an SEO guy the top benefit is you can drive free quality website traffic from Quora easily by helping others.
  2. You can create a high DA PA Backlink on Quora. 
  3. You can do better branding of your website and also personal branding also.
  4. Your answers can rank on Google and other major search engines also. Because Google Index Quora questions and give them a better rank on the SERPs. So there is more chance of getting free traffic from here also.
  5. If you are running out of content ideas then Quora is the best place to get trending blog and content ideas for free. Also, you can get a great idea about what people are actually searching for.
  6. You can monetize your content on Quora. Yes, it is true. Quora has a partner program also. But the Quora Partner Program is now available in limited countries but it will expand to all countries soon. So if you fall in non-eligible countries you have a golden time to prepare and get ready for the Quora partner program. And if you are in an eligible country you can just apply and make money online by writing answers on Quora. 
  7. You can use your Quora profile as a Portfolio.
  8. You can add your Quora profile link to your CV if you have a good number of content views. I personally have added my profile link to my CV.
  9. Quora is the best place to improve our writing skills. 
  10. You can read a lot of informational articles on Quora. 
  11. You can convert your readers into your client. 
  12. The best place for brand awareness. 
  13. Send traffic to your website and Youtube videos.

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