Best Ways to Promote a Blog Using Pinterest [2023]

Learn How To Promote a Blog Using Pinterest to get unlimited Traffic free of cost.

Best Ways to Promote a Blog Using Pinterest [2023]

Do you want to know the best ways to promote a blog using Pinterest? If your answer is “YES”, then great you are at the right place. Today I will share some valuable tips which help us to generate a ton of traffic to our blog using only Pinterest.

I am not talking about running Paid Ads on Pinterest. You can do it without paying a single penny to the platform. It’s an organic and free method.

Do you think getting traffic to a website is a hard job in 2022? Because we noticed that thousands of bloggers are creating content on regular basis and the competition is going crazy high. Setting up a blog and publishing some content is not enough unless we drive some traffic to the blog.

 If you know the right method and technique then generating traffic is not a hard job.

In the last article, I wrote about how to claim and verify your website on Pinterest. This article is all about how you can send traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

Know the Power of Pinterest

Pinterest is not only a Social Media App it is a Search Engine where people do searches to find pictures according to their needs. In fact, you can call it a combination of Social Media and a Search Engine.

The platform has millions of active users and it is increasing dramatically over the months. So if you know how to use and build an audience here you can easily send them to your website also.

How to Promote a Blog Using Pinterest?

To grow your blog on Pinterest you need a well-built Pinterest account with a good amount of followers. You can turn them into your blog reader.

  1. Create a Pinterest Business Account Here
  2. Complete your Pinterest Account Setting (Professionally)
  3. Create Pins Using SEO techniques
  4. Create Boards Using SEO Techniques

Create a Pinterest Business Account in 2022

Pinterest allows users to create two different types of accounts.

  • Personal Account
  • Business Account

There is some difference in both these accounts which we will discuss further.

Personal Account

A personal account lacks multiple features as compared to a business account. 

Business Account

Creating a business account means you are unlocking all those features which are not available in a personal account. Like, as Pinterest Ads Manager, Conversion insides, Pin Ideas, etc.

Complete Your Pinterest Account Settings Professionally

If you really want to grow on Pinterest you need to follow all the best practices which make your account professional.

Pinterest Account Setting Guide

  1. Change Profile Picture
  2. Re-write your profile display name 
  3. Complete the about section.
  4. Add your website link
  5. Choose your country, city and also add your active phone number 
  6. Claim the website on Pinterest and verify

How to Make Your Pinterest Account SEO Optimized in 2023?

In the beginning, I told you about the organic growth of a Pinterest account. You have to follow all SEO best practices that help your Pins rank on Pinterest.

Before setting a profile name do some research and pick a name that is searchable. You can use any Keyword Research Tool to find a query that has some good search volume. 

In this way, Pinterest will display your profile in the searches when users use those keywords to perform any search.

The next important area is the about section. Do not write anything just to fill the space. Do write after some research.  Because it is the crucial area that makes your profile visible to users.

You can write at least 160 characters. 

Use your primary keywords at the beginning of the about section and use some LSI Keywords as well. Do not stuff keywords because it will not help you anymore.

If you are still reading this post “How to Promote a Website Using Pinterest”, At this point, I am pretty sure you have already a website. 

Add your website link in the provided field. This will make a profile more professional and trustworthy to users.

To make your profile compete you have to select your country, and city and add a phone number as well. You can skip the contact number here if you do not want to make your contact number public. But the other fields are important to fill.

It will also help Pinterest to understand your demography.

Finally claim your website and verify it by adding the shortcode into the head section of your website, or you can add the HTML file into the root directory of your website.

Steps to Promote A Blog on Pinterest in 2022

After completing profile settings, it is the best time to create some pins and boards to drive users and send them to your website/blog.

Create An SEO Optimized Pin

Creating a pin on Pinterest is easy. But making it SEO optimized is quite tricky, but don’t worry I am sharing all the steps in a while.

  • Click on Create button and in the dropdown menu select to create a pin.
  • You can now add the Image, Pin Title, Description, Image Alt Text, and a destination Link.

Before adding an image you have to create a Pinterest pin image. 

How to create a High-Quality Pinterest Pin Image?

There are multiple ways to create a high-quality pin that actually attracts users. There are free and paid tools available for this. 
I am personally using these tools to create pins.

  1. Canva
  2. Adobe Photoshop

Pro Tips: A professional look image can perform better than others. Try to make your image high definition and the written text should be readable and clear.

Best Image Size for Pinterest Pins

Try to stick with any of these two pin sizes. These are the sizes that Pinterest officially recommends.

  • 1080*1920
  • 1000*1500

Pin Title

Writing a well-research Pin title can bring it to Google's top search results as well as Pinterest searches.
YES, just think if your pins are ranking in search results on Google you can drive more traffic from there also.

Do proper Keyword Research for the title.


Another important part of the Pinterest ranking is pin description.

You have already done KW research for the tile, paste it into the description and add some more text. You can also add your brand name here. Using some LSI Latent Semantic Indexing keywords will help you more.

Image Alt Text of Pin

Adding an Alt Text will help Pinterest to understand the picture in a better way. Again use your primary keyword for the Image Alt Text.

Add A Destination Link

Here is the main thing.

Here you can add an external link it may be a website link or a youtube video link. It may be any kind of Affiliate link where you want to send the traffic.

Our main topic is sending Pinterest traffic to the blog so you can paste a blog page link here.

Whenever a user clicks on the link they will redirect to your blog post. This is actually the process of sending traffic to the website.

There is no limitation to adding links, you can add links with every pin you created.

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