How to Claim a Website on Pinterest and Verify? (2022)

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How to Claim a Website on Pinterest and Verify? (2022)

12/15/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Tutorials

How to Claim a Website on Pinterest and Verify? (2022)

Claim and verify your website in 2022 with a Pinterest business account the 14th most popular website on the globe with more than 455 Million monthly active users.

The Benefits of Pinterest is:

  • Brand Building
  • Huge Free Website Traffic
  • Generate Sales
  • High-Quality Backlink for Website
  • Make Money Online (Affiliate Marketing)
There are tons of benefits we are not discussing here. Today in this article we will stick with how you can claim and verify your website on Pinterest in 2022. According to statistics, the USA has the highest number of Pinterest users and the majority are women.
If you are selling any products which are related to women or babies Pinterest will be the right social media platform for you to focus on your targeted customers.
How to Claim a Website on Pinterest and Verify?

What is meant by Claiming Website?

Basically, it is a process to verify a website, you have to prove that you own that property. In most cases, we have given a snippet of code that we paste inside our website root directory to verify.

What Are the Benefits of Claiming and Verifying a Website with Pinterest in 2022?

  1. Build Trust
  2. Build Authority
  3. Powerful Backlink
  4. Make Money Staying At Home
  5. Free Website Traffic
  6. Build An Audience

Build Trust

Claiming a website is the best way to build trust for the platform and for your audience as well.
A complete and professional profile will look more trustworthy as compared to an incomplete profile.

Build Authority

Same as trust-building you can build authority around your niche. Your account seems more trustworthy and professional.

Powerful Backlink

As we know Pinterest DA Domain Authority is huge at 94 and PA Page Authority is 97. Think, if your website is getting a backlink from such a high authority website. It definitely helps you in search ranking.

Make Money

At the end of the day, every one of us is looking for making a good amount of money. So Pinterest is the best place to make money online. People who are doing work on Pinterest make a handsome amount of money.

Ways to Make Money with Pinterest in 2022

  1. Selling Pins
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Send Traffic to the Website
  4. Sponsored Pins and Boards
We will cover a separate topic on how to make money on Pinterest.

Free Website Traffic

Website Traffic using Pinterest
If you check this image of my account. I am getting 62k visitors per month. As I have attached another website with this account. More than half of the traffic is referred to my website free of cost.
You can easily generate more than this audience and send them to your website from Pinterest.

Build an Audience

Go back to the above image where I shared my account stats. People who are following you on Pinterest can be your permanent audience. You can easily convert them into a permanent client.

Claim and Verify Website On Pinterest

Before claiming your website you must have a Pinterest account, a personal account, or a business account.
The claiming process is quite easy and can be completed in just a few steps.
Follow these steps: