Pinterest Analytics: An Easy Guide For Beginners 2023 [Tested]

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Pinterest Analytics: An Easy Guide For Beginners 2023 [Tested]

12/15/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Tutorials,pnterest guide

Pinterest Analytics: An Easy Guide For Beginners 2023 [Tested]

Here is an Easy Pinterest Analytics Guide for Beginners 2023. If you are running a business on Pinterest then tracking your Pinterest Business account analytics is more important than anything. 
You can find out whether your business is doing good or not. Doing all that hectic and hardworking you reaching the right audience or not? You can figure out all these questions in the Pinterest Analytics section.
Not only a physical business if you are doing an online business, but it’s also maybe selling physical products or software Pinterest is the best place to gain customers. 
If you are a blogger we have written a definitive guide on how to get huge traffic from Pinterest to your blog.
Pinterest Analytics Easy Guide For Beginners 2022


Know What is Pinterest Analytics?

If you don’t know what is Pinterest Analytics I am going to break it down for you. So you can understand the basics of Pinterest Analytics and make yourself more confident to use this tool.
Pinterest Analytics is a free tool provided by Pinterest where a user can track all activities performed by other users including Clicks, Impressions, Link Clicks, etc.
Once you have found all these stats you can make a better strategy to win more leads through Pinterest. I will tell you how in a while.

How to Find Pinterest Analytics Tool in a Business Account?

To find the analytics in a business account while using a modern browser on a computer or a laptop. You can also access these stats on a mobile phone or tablet as well.
  • Open your Pinterest account
  • Click on Analytics in the top menubar and follow the dropdown as shown in the figure
  • Click on Overview


Things to Consider in Pinterest Analytics Tool in 2023

Once you are in the analytics section you can see multiple things and their statistics. 
  1. Impressions
  2. Clicks
  3. Demographics
  4. Content-Type
  5. Devices
  6. Age
Let’s break down all these further.
Pinterest Analytics Tool in 2022


If you want to know how many times your Pins are been seen by others you can check the impression section. It will show you a detailed overview of the impressions of your pins. 

Understand Low Impressions

If you are getting a low impression rate it affects the click rate also. Improving the impression will increase the clicks on the pin. 

How to Improve Pins Impressions in Pinterest Business Account?

A low impression rate is a sign of not showing up in search results on Pinterest. You have to follow all those best practices which help a Pin ranking. 
I have already written a detailed post on the best way to promote a blog on Pinterest in which I shared all the SEO practices necessary to rank Pin.
  1. Create High-Quality Images and Videos
  2. Make your Pin Images clear
  3. Use standard Pinterest Image and Video Sizes
  4. Write Keyword Rich Title for Pins
  5. Add a detailed description for each Pin
  6. Add Image Alt Text
  7. Add a Destination URL of a website or YouTube Video
  8. Share your Pins on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Behance

High-Impression Rate

If you are getting a satisfactory amount of impression it means your Pins are performing well. But with the impression, if you are not getting Clicks then you have to figure it out.

High Impressions No Click