10 Right Ways To Increase Blog Traffic in 2023 [New Websites]

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10 Right Ways To Increase Blog Traffic in 2023 [New Websites]

12/15/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Tutorials

10 Right Ways To Increase Blog Traffic in 2022 [New Websites]

How to increase the traffic to a new blog is a question of all new bloggers today. Actually, it makes sense by asking this question. In this article, you will get 11 right and working ways to increase blog/website traffic in 2022.
All these tactics are applied on this blog and my other blogs as well, and it is a working method. So you can give it a try without any worry. 
But before diving deep into the topic there are some other factors that I think are important to know. 
Ways To Increase Blog Traffic


Why it is Important to Get Initial Traffic to a New Blog?

Whenever your new website came live, no one knows about the site, no matter how quality content you are producing. The initial traffic from Social Media, SEO, or any other referral helps you to reach users who want to consume quality content.
These initial users share and bookmark your site. 

11 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic in 2022

Here is the list of the 11 best ways to get initial traffic to a newly created blog.
  1. Write Daily
  2. Write Guest Posts and Invite
  3. Email List
  4. Start creating Video on All Social Media Channels
  5. Create Viral Content
  6. Increase CTR
  7. Internal Linking
  8. Use Social Share Button in Posts
  9. Participate in Q&A Websites
  10. Active Forums Participation


Write on Daily Basis

Keep in mind that your website is new.
Writing on a daily basis not only helps you to get the initial traffic but also helps the Search Engine index and crawl your website on daily basis.
Additionally, the small number of users who visited the site see you are producing quality content on daily basis, so they will visit on daily basis. It will leave a good impact on the Search Engines of your website and your website will start appearing in SERPs.

Advantages of Writing Daily Blog Post

  • Fast Indexing
  • Fast Crawling
  • Better User Experience
  • Increase Trust
  • High Ranking Chances
  • More Inter Linking Opportunities
  • Decrease Bounce Rate


Write Guest Posts and Invite

Writing guest posts is a common method to bring traffic and a Backlink. This step is followed by all expert bloggers for new and old websites.  I personally follow this technique all time whenever I launch a new website/blog.

Why Guest Post Important for New Blog in 2022?

  1. Get out of Google Sandbox
  2. Get Basic Traffic
  3. Get a Quality Backlink


Email List

An email list is a perfect way to generate quality traffic that converts. This method is also well-known in all online businesses. From bloggers to small businesses all follow this method of sending Emails to their readers and customers. 
I personally subscribe to many and get emails from them on a regular basis. But in the beginning, maybe you don’t have to build an email list. You can run a simple Facebook campaign on Lead Generation so you can collect a number of emails and start sending emails to them.
But before sending bulk emails, keep these few points in your mind.

Things to Follow While Sending Email

  • Avoid spamming
  • Do not use multiple links