How to Get Google AdSense Approval in 2023? [Proven Tips]

How to Get Google AdSense Approval in 2023? [Proven Tips]

How to Get Google AdSense Approval in 2023? Here are proven tips and tricks which you can apply on your blog to get Google AdSense approval on your website to make money online.

We all know that Google is one of the largest companies in the world. They have multiple products launched and are supremely successful. Google Adsense is one of them. Google AdSense is a very popular advertising network on the entire internet. 

Today we are going to describe everything which you need to know about the Google AdSense Approval process in 2023, the Payment Method, Content policies, Traffic requirements, website structure, things to do, and things not to do, and many more to get AdSense Approval.

Not everyone can get approval for AdSense though. Only those who have correctly followed all of Google's guidelines and provided them with enough information about their website will be accepted into this program.

Before applying for Google you must know about the program so you can get the most benefit out of it.

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What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a Google partner program running by Google, where advertisers allow to run ads and publishers apply their websites/blogs to display those ads and get paid by Google AdSense.

Why Google AdSense?

The reason for using Google AdSense as the first choice is:

  1. It’s free to join
  2. No limit to earning if you have the right traffic 
  3. Trusted 
  4. Backed by Google
  5. Easy for Beginners 
  6. Ease of use
  7. Easy Payment method
  8. Support multiple languages
  9. Work in most countries
  10. Easily achievable payment threshold
  11. Best way to make money online

Things Need to Apply For Google AdSense in 2023

You can apply for Google AdSense if you are having the following requirements.

  • A GMAIL (Google) Account
  • Your age must be 18+
  • A Blog / Website

Gmail Account

To Sign-Up for an AdSense account, a GMAIL account is necessary. If you do not have you can create a free one.

Your Age Must be 18+

If you are still underage you are not eligible for applying to Google AdSense. Wait and keep working on your blog and apply when you are eligible. Or you can apply with the name of any of your family members.

A Blog / Website

A blog or a website is the basic necessary thing to apply for AdSense. Because at the end of the day you have to display ads to your visitors on your blog to make money online.

How to Get Google AdSense Approval in 2023? [Tips]

If you think you are fulfilling all the above-mentioned requirements you are good to go for the approval process. Here are some pro tips to Get AdSense approval in 2023 fast and without any hassle.

1- Unique Content and Topic (High Quality)

I am in the online field for the last 5 years and the only thing which is still not changed is “Content is King”. I am continuously listening and reading this simple line. 

It is a fact that if you do not publish high-quality and useful content on your website, why does someone visits? If no one is interested to visit your blog then why Google AdSense wants to display the Ad on your blog?

If you want to get fast Google AdSense Approval in 2023 try to find such topics which are unique.  

2- Easy Website Structure and Clean Design

Try to understand what Google wants. Google wants to give the best user experience to its users. 
Visit your own website and see how your website is easy to navigate, how easy the website structure is, and how clean and professional your website looks.

The time is gone when you mess up all the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) code and make the website colorful and ugly which actually ends up with a bad user experience. Read about some color combination expert guides and try to make the blog more user-friendly.

3- The site is Indexable, Crawlable

It is a crucial point. Just think if your website is not crawlable and indexable how you can get Google AdSense Approval this year?

Make sure you are not blocked by the Search Engine crawlers by the “No-Index Meta Tag”. It is basically a line of code that is pasted inside the <head> tag of any website. Double-check and if you found such code remove it to get approval.

4- Submit and Verify with  Google Search Console

We have written a beginner’s guide on Google Search Console which covers all necessary points. 

To approve a blog from Google AdSense you have to submit and verify the property to GSC where you can also add the Sitemap of your blog. The sitemap actually tells Google about all the pages which you have on the blog.

5- The 6 Important Pages

Do you have all these important pages for AdSense Approval?

  1. Contact Us
  2. About Us
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Terms and Conditions
  5. Disclaimers
  6. DMCA

Creating these pages is most important for the approval process. You can place these .page links in the header or footer of your website depending on the theme you are using.

Through these pages Google knows about you, your company, what kind of privacy policy you have, etc.

6- Your Own Images

Using someone’s image, video or even text by just copying is not ethical, right?

Images are an important part of a website. To get Google AdSense approval on your website you can not use a single copyrighted image. 

What is a copyright or copied image?

It is actually you just Google for an image, Download it and Upload it on your blog.

How to get Copyright Free Paid Images?

Pay some bucks to get the right image for every single blog post. There are plenty of websites selling high-quality HD images. 

Best Websites For Paid Images 2023:

  1. Istockphoto
  2. Shutterstock
  3. Envato Marketplace
  4. Stock Adobe

How to Get Copyright-Free Images?

If you do not want to pay for images you can get free HD images.

Best Websites for Free HD Images 2023:

  • Pixabay
  • Pexels
  • Unsplash

7- Write At least 35 Helpful and Detailed Articles 

This is not fixed.

Everyone has a different experience with article count for Google AdSense approval. But in 2023 you must publish at least 35 high-quality and unique articles on your blog to get easy approval.

Make sure you are writing a well-researched and covering all aspects of a single topic. Which actually provides some value to the user and helps to solve the problems for which they have landed on your blog.

Writing long and detailed articles not only helps to fast AdSense Approval but also helps in SEO as well. Because Google shows those websites in the search result which is providing quality content.

8- Get Some Organic Traffic

It is not written in any Google AdSense Guideline but most experts thought that if you are getting some organic traffic, it will help you in fast website approval.

Organic traffic means the visitors landed on your website through Google searches.

9- Clear Navigation without Broken Links

Broken Links are irritating, right?

A bad user experience may slow down or cause a reflection of your AdSense application. It also down your website ranking on Google.

Use a tool like Screaming Frog to find the broken links on your website and fix them or redirect them to any other related page before applying for AdSense Approval in 2023.

10- Make sure you are not using other Ad Network Code 

Maybe you are using any other Ad network before applying for Google AdSense. If you do have then remove all the codes.

Google AdSense code is not compatible with many other Ad networks. So it is better to remove them. 

These are some important points that you must have to fulfill before applying for Google AdSense Approval in 2023. There is still a chance your application may reject by Google AdSense and you will get an email about the decision.

What to do next if your Google AdSense Application got rejected in 2023? How to find out and fix the AdSense rejection issue in 2023?

11- Supported Languages

Check the in which you are blogging is supported by Google AdSense. The network is supported more than 50 different languages. You have to choose any of them to display Google ads on your site.

12- Content Isn't on Restricted List

Make sure you are not writing on such topics which are restricted by Google AdSense. Writing on such topics is against their community guidelines.

Reasons for Google AdSense Disapproval/Rejection in 2023

The most common reasons for Google AdSense rejections are:

  1. Policy Violation
  2. Duplicate Account
  3. Against AdSense Terms and Conditions

Myths about Google AdSense Approval Process in 2023

These questions might arise in your mind if you are a beginner. The same happened to me when I was in the initial phase of my online career. Here are the most common myths about the Google AdSense Approval process in 2023 with the solution.

Domain Age

You might read somewhere or watch a YouTube video where people tell about the requirements of Domain Age in the approval process. But as I experience it is nothing more than a myth.

It does not affect the approval process directly.

I do not think someone is in such a hurry that after buying a domain without publishing any content they will apply.

To publish content you need some time, and if you are publishing one article on a daily basis it will take more than a month for you to publish 35 articles. 35 days are more than enough for a domain to send their application.

Article Word Count

I saw every beginner asking this question, “What is the required word count for an article to get approved by AdSense?”

The answer is “Unknown”.

Google never asked anywhere in their official blog or videos about the required word count. The main thing to consider is how our article is solving the user’s queries and how much the user is satisfied. 
Try to make sure the user does not go to another website to find the answer to the question.

Another thing is the article word count depends on the topic you are covering in your blog posts. 
The best example is given by “Neil Patel” about how to tie a tie.

Google AdSense Approval is Hard

Yes, it is a myth also.

Think logically. Google AdSense comes into existence to provide publishers and advertisers with the best and most reliable platform. So they do accept both publishes and advertisers' applications if they meet their quality guidelines.

I found Google AdSense one of the easiest ad networks to apply and approve and the best way to make a handsome amount of money online.

There are Special Theme/Templates for AdSense Approval

Another big myth is about Themes and Template which is used to build a website. There is no such theme or template called guaranteed approval. 

Yeah, the theme or template should be clean and easy to navigate.


So, this was the detailed guide on Google AdSense Approval in 2023 with all the Do’s and Don't if you really want to get your application accepted and get approval by the largest Ad Network Google AdSense.

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